Subscribing to the Postcard Group

Subscribing to the postcard group is rather simple. Once you have subscribed, you will receive (via email) every post that the other members make to the postcard discussion group. This discussion group is sometimes called a "mailing list." The group messages are processed by a program called "ListServ." This postcard list is no longer "echoed" or "gated" to a Usenet newsgroup.


To subscribe, send email to this address:

In the body of the message, write the words: SUBSCRIBE POSTCARD-L Firstname Lastname where Firstname and Lastname are your real first and last names.

Note that "listserv" has no "e" at the end, and note that "POSTCARD" has no "S" at the end. Also note that this group name has changed from the old "POSTCARD" to now "POSTCARD-L".

After you have sent your email, give it some time. You will eventually receive a confirmation message via email. Follow the instructions in the email message that you receive. This helps to ensure that no one else signs you up without your permission.


Once you have subscribed, to send messages to the group, send your email to:

Everyone who subscribes to the list will receive your post. Please, do not send subscription change requests to this "postcard" address. All changes go to the "listserv" address.


Follow the instructions that you will receive to cancel your subscription to the postcard group. To unsubscribe, send email to:

with the message body: UNSUBSCRIBE POSTCARD-L

Other features


Once you have subscribed, you may wish to receive the Postcard mailing list in digest form. This way, you will receive only one message per day. Some people like this because it helps them keep the Postcard list separate from their other email. To do this, send email to:

with the message body: SET POSTCARD-L DIGEST

Going away?

Leaving town temporarily? You can unsubscribe, or you may wish to simply turn the list to NoMail. Do this by sending an email message to:

with the message in the body: SET POSTCARD-L NOMAIL

Once you return, send a message: SET POSTCARD-L MAIL

Changing Your Email Address

There is no automatic way to change your email address in one step. Instead, just unsubscribe using your old email address, and subscribe using your new email address. If you're concerned about missing messages, subscribe first, then unsubscribe. See the instructions above. You may also email the moderator and ask to have your email address changed. The advantage of doing this is that you can preserve any special settings you may have.

The Web Interface

Many of these Listserv commands are now also available via the web interface for the list which can be found at:
You will need a password to make any changes, but you can change or obtain a password at the web site.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, you can email the moderator at

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Major updates September 28, 2008.