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Another old card that I have is this card of Christ Church Cathedral [GIF of Christ Church ca. 1905] in Houston. Christ Church was formed in 1839. It is the oldest congregation of any denomination in Houston. The church is located on the block originally designated by the Allen Brothers as the School Reserve. The current building, featured in this postcard was built in 1893. An earlier structure was built in 1859 and extended in 1876. When engineers determined that the 1876 extension had weakened the structure and that no more additions would be possible, the building was razed and the structure we see today was built in 1893.

In a somewhat controversial move, the 1949 Diocesan Council established Christ Church as the Cathedral for the Diocese of Texas, only the third Episcopal cathedral in the United States. Another image from 1925 1925 Christ Church JPEG indicates that not much changed in the physical structure of the church in the first quarter of this century.

Interestingly, when the parish was formed in 1839, the population of Houston was 2073, with 1620 being male.

This "undivided back" card is from Germany.
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