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Social Clubs & Nearby Entertainment

GIF of Galveston Artillery ClubThe Galveston Artillery was formed in 1841 as a volunteer reserve military organization during the Republic of Texas. The building shown here was designed by Nicholas Clayton and was at Sealy and 22nd Street. The Galveston Artillery is now a private club located at Avenue O and 30th Street.

[Sylvan Beach postcard ca. 1914-1930] This next card is not of Galveston Island itself, but I have included it here because I think it is so interesting. The card shows Sylvan Beach Park, and it is billed as "The South's Most Popular Family Resort and Picnic Grounds." Yes, it may be hard to believe it today, but Galveston Bay near LaPorte used to attract large numbers of tourists in the early 20th century.

Legend has it that Spencer Highway, a major east-west thoroughfare in Pasadena, Texas, was constructed because wealthy people going to Sylvan Beach Park were tired of getting speeding tickets in Pasadena. At that time, the primary route to Sylvan Beach went through what was then Southmore Ave. in Pasadena. The city had a reputation at that time for being a speed trap. To avoid the speed trap, the influential party-goers of Sylvan Beach pulled strings to have a highway constructed to the south of Pasadena. Today, of course, Spencer Highway goes straight through the city.

Sylvan Beach still has a park, and it is one of the main recreation areas for the City of LaPorte, but to call it a beach today is certainly a stretch. People still fish in the area, and it had a pier for some time. It is also known for excellent kite flying, with wonderful breezes blowing in off Galveston Bay.

The white border card of Sylvan Beach was published by Seawall Specialty Co., Galveston, Texas.
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